Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr71)

6.6.1514 (Tuesday 6 June 1514)

document 60800553

Jn Wood sueth Edw Wastelin in a plea of trespass etc and pledge to prosecute Jn Doo and the bailiff etc and the foresaid defendant is attached by one cow which is redelivered by the pledge of Jn Tilwick and Wm Finche the lord's tenants which parties exacted appeared in the court and put themselves in everything covering the trespass aforesaid upon the arbitrationment of Jn Campion Roger Moorecock Wm Clerke and Wm Lingwood the lord's tenants between the parties aforesaid indifferently chosen to arbitrate of and upon the premises and to stand and obey that judgement if etc so that the judgement by given the court sitting and that on pain of every of them to lose to the lord 20s