Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr71)

25.5.1518 (Tuesday 25 May 1518)

document 61200111

and the bailiff charged to warn Wm Orvis to scour 20rods of ditch under Brokeholle Thos Rowte 6rods under Sladeland Jn Tilwicke 12rods under his croft Wm Finche 12rods under Redings Jn Elis 10rods under his croft Thos Rowte 10rods under Litle Bridgemans the same Thos 10rods under his field between Rich Curlewe and the house of the said Thos and Rich Curlewe 10rods under his house and this before the feast of the nativity of st john the baptist next coming on pain of every of them to lose to the lord 3s4d