Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr71)

21.5.1521 (Tuesday 21 May 1521)

document 61500640

Spowtecroft fine     whereas at the last court with the view of the freepledge holden on tuesday in the week of pentecost in the 12Hen8 29.5.1520 the bailiff was charged to seize into the lord's hands one croft of land called Spowtecrofte alias Rycrofte which is holden of the lord as of this manor by copy and by rent of 5s6d by year then in the tenure of the prior of Colne and before of Jn Wroo deceased because the foresaid prior held and occupied the foresaid croft without copy or warrant as in the same court more at large is contained whereupon now to this court came Jn Sparrow deputed bailiff of this manor and said that by virtue of his warrant aforesaid hath seized the foresaid croft of land with the appurtenances into the lord's hands and because the foresaid prior came not to this court nor showeth how he holdeth the croft of land aforesaid with the appurtenances therefore the lord by Jn Veer knight his head steward present in court for divers considerations the court moving hath granted out of his hands the foresaid croft of land with the appurtenances to Sibill Wroo widow and Rich Baineham their heirs and assigns to the use of the said Sibell her heirs and assigns who being present in the court came and craved to be admitted thereto and are admitted the lord's tenants to whom by the lord's steward there is seisin thereof delivered to hold to them and their heirs and assigns to the use aforesaid of the lord by the rod to the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor by the ancient rents and services before due and of right accustomed etc and the foresaid Sibill giveth fine and made fealty