Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr72)

23.5.1553 (Tuesday 23 May 1553)

document 64700530

dowry a grant of an annuity to this court came Robt Stookes by the licence of the lord gave and granted to Ann Heygate widow late the wife of Reynald Heygate deceased for discharge of the dowry of the said Ann which she claimeth to have and of right ought to have by and after the death of the foresaid Reynald late her husband deceased viz of and in all those customary lands and tenements late the said Reynald 's called Skinners Burtonsgarden Beercrofte Gentryes Bromeccrofts and in the meadow late parcel of the said croft called Beercrofte as etc a certain annuity or yearly rent of 17s of good and usual money of England yearly issuing of the lands and tenements aforesaid to have levy and take the said annuity or yearly rent of 17s to the same Ann and her assigns during the whole term of her life at two usual terms of the year viz at the feast of st michael and annunciation by even portions and if it happen the said annuity or yearly rent of 17s to be behind in part or in whole and not paid by the space of fifteen days next after any feast of the feast aforesaid in which it ought to be paid that then is shall be lawful for the said Ann and her assigns into the foresaid lands and tenements with the appurtenances to enter and distrain and the distress thereof had to lead drive and carry away and with her to keep until the said annuity or yearly rent of 17s and every part thereof so behind being be fully paid and satisfied unto the said Ann or her assigns