Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr74)

21.6.1568 (Monday 21 June 1568)

document 65601262

fine 3li6sit is found by the homage that Greg Garrard out of the court and since the last court surrendered into the lord's hands by the hands of Thos Marche Jn Leffingwell and Barth Churche the lord's tenants the same witnessing four crofts of customary lands lying together in Colne aforesaid as they are enclosed called Lowfields containing 20a of land more or less to the use and behoof of Wm Booner his heirs and assigns on condition following viz that if the foresaid Greg his heirs executors or administrators pay 40li of good and lawful money of England at the feast of the invention of the holy cross commonly called crouchmas day 14.9.1570 (see handbook of dates for error) at the now dwelling house of the said Barth situate in Colne aforesaid between the hours of twelve and three of the clock in the afternoon that then this present surrender and seisin thereof delivered shall be void and of none effect or else shall remain in his full strength and virtue which Wm Booner being present in court craved to be admitted to the premises according to the form of the surrender aforesaid to whom by the lord's steward there is seisin thereof delivered to hold to him his heirs and assigns of the lord by the rod to the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor by the rents and services etc and he giveth fine etc and made fealty and is admitted the lord's tenant