Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr74)

19.6.1570 (Monday 19 June 1570)

document 65700826

memorandum that Hen Somersam on the day of the annunciation.1570 at the late dwelling house of Jn Pennocke was prepared to pay 40s of good and lawful money of England according to a certain surrender by the foresaid Jn Pennocke and one Geo Pennocke made to the foresaid Hen Somersham on condition as by the testimony of divers credible witnesses brought forth in the full court manifestly appears and because the said Jn Pennocke long before his death was outlawed by reason of which outlawry the goods and chattels of the said Jn of right belong to the lord of this manor Barth Church the lord's bailiff took the said 40s until it may be known who of right ought to have the said 40s therefore it is considered that the foresaid Hen shall be discharged of the said 40s and of every parcel thereof against the said Jn Pennock and Geo Pennock or either of them their heirs executors and administrators by these presents