Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr74)

1.10.1571 (Monday 1 October 1571)

document 65800312

Thos Culverton holds to himself and heirs of the lord by the rod 2r of land parcel of 2a of customary land lying under the park called Colne Park lying between lands called Chewniesland to the south and a meadow of Wm Fisher belonging to The Heyhouse to the north one head abuts on the common meadow held of the lord to the east and the other head abuts on a meadow of Rich Smith alias Orvell to the west as shown by copy dated 21.6.1568 rent 6d also holds one parcel of land containing 6a parcel of Lowfield lying in Colne containing 16a lying between a meadow of the lord called Holme Meade on one part and the highway from Colne to Tey on the other part and one croft containing 1r and appurtenances called Sandhills as shown by copy as above rent 7s also holds two parcels of customary land parcel of Chewniesland containing 8a as shown by copy as above rent 7s also holds three crofts of land called Husses containing 4a parcel of a tenement and 30a called Curds and the said croft lies next to Colne Lane on the east as by the same copy rent 15d