Chancery Depositions (PRO C1 31/519 Rich Botiller v Wm Sorrell etc)

1475-1485# (no date) (1475)

document 14400005

to the most reverend father in god and full noble and gracious lord the archbishop of York chancellor of England meekly beseecheth your gracious lordship your humble orator Rich Botiller of Colne Essex joiner tenant to my lord of Oxford that where one Wm Sorell untruly defamed your said orator saying that he ravished his mistress your said beseecher with the substance of all his neighbours made his purgation afore the commissary of my lord of London and afterwards for his more declaration took an action in the spiritual# court against the said Wm Sorell of defamation for which cause and none other the said Wm Sorell hath taken action of trespass against your said suppliant in the bailiffs court of Colchester and subtly imagineth to condempno# your said orator against all truth and conscience to the likely destruction of your said orator without your gracious lordship to him be shown in this behalf please it your gracious lordship the premises considered and for as much as your said beseecher is a foreigner not dwelling within the said town of Colchester to have hereupon a certiorari to have the said matter examined afore the king in his chancery at the reverence of god and in way of charity#