Chancery Depositions (C2 Eliz C23/57 Wm Adams vicar v Luke and Joan Ree)

easter 25Eliz1 (1583)

document 15300051

to the right honourable Thos Bromley knight lord chancellor of England most humbly complaining sheweth unto your lordship your daily orator Wm Adams clerk schoolmaster of the free school of Earls Colne that whereas there hath been a free school in Earls Colne aforesaid time out of mind and that for and towards the finding and maintenance of a schoolmaster to teach and instruct the scholars therein from time to time one sir     Swallow clerk vicar of the parish church of Messing about three score years now past purchased among others one messuage or tenement called Fenhouse and 60a of land or thereabout in the parish of Ardley within the said county and of the premises enfeoffed the right honourable Jn late earl of Oxford deceased grandfather of the now earl to the use of the said school and for the benefit and maintenance of a schoolmaster that there should be from time to time all which said lands and tenements and the rents and revenues thereof yearly the schoolmaster of the said school for the time being successively have ever since quietly and peaceably enjoyed without let contradiction or disturbance from any person or persons until now of late one Rich Rede late of Colchester in the said county weaver by the instigation as it is thought of Antho Bushopp of the said parish of Ardley in the said county gentleman who sundry ways practiseth to get the inheritance of the premises to his own use began to surmise a pretended title to the said messuage and lands in Ardley (torn) and first practising with the occupier and farmer of the said messuage and lands to come into the possession thereof and afterwards forcibly with the aid and assistance of the said Antho Bishop and one Robt Walford enter into the same and so keep (torn) the possession of the said messuage and lands in Ardley aforesaid until your lordship's orator by order of law about two (torn) writ of restitution directed by the sheriff of the said county was restored to the possession of the said messuage (torn) but the said Antho Bishop and one Luke Rye with Joan his wife who late (torn) the said Robt Walford and others not contenting themselves with their former injuries and wrongs (torn) and give out great and threatening speeches to get the possession thereof by one means (torn) ejectio firmae to be brought in the common pleas in the name of the said Robt Walford (torn) and occupier of the premises meaning thereby to get the possession thereof to their own (torn) concerning the premises and by which the premises were first given to the use aforesaid but (torn) to your said orator unknown so that your said orator shall not be able for (torn) there in and so likely not only to be disinherited but the school also to come to (torn) some good order and direction therein may it therefore please your good lordship (torn) subpoena to be directed (torn)