Chancery Depositions (C2 Eliz C23/57 Wm Adams vicar v Luke and Joan Ree)

easter 25Eliz1 (1583)

document 15300202

the joint and several answers of Antho Bishop gentleman and Robt Walford two of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Wm Adams clerk complainant the said defendants say that the said bill of complaint against them exhibited into this most honourable court is as they take it (torn) most of the surmised matter therein contained untrue and rather devised to trouble and vex these defendants than for any just (torn) they take it that the matters therein set forth and determinable at the common law whereunto the said Robt prayeth to be remitted (torn) the same there depending nevertheless if the said two defendants by order of this court shall be compelled to make answer to the said bill (torn) the defendants at all times hereafter saith to the declaration of the truth and the firmer satisfying of the said complainants (torn) Walford for himself saith that before the said sir     Swallow clerk vicar of the said parish church of Messing (torn) other lands and tenements in the said bill mentioned one Math Rede as this defendant Robt Walford taketh it as he thinketh he (torn) thereof in his demesne as of fee and so being seised at Colchester in the county of Essex died thereof seised by reason whereof the said (torn) they ought to have descended and come unto Jn Rede son and heir of the said Math his father by reason (torn) thereof seised in his demesne as of fee accordingly and the issues revenues and profits thereof did during all his (torn) the said Jn Rede so being thereof seised at Colchester aforesaid died seised also by reason whereof (torn) come unto Rich Rede the son and heir of the said Jn Rede the said Rich then being young and (torn) Alice wife of the said Jn as this defendant Robt Walford hath heard and thinketh he came (torn) thinking that for as much as the said Rich her son was but an infant and very young (torn) of the premises her own right and for the good will and much familiarity then between (torn) as this defendant Robt Walford has since heard grant and convey the same to the said (torn) and now by colour thereof entered into the premises and wrongfully during the minority of the said Rich (torn) late wife of the said Jn Rede as this defendant hath heard falling sick and lying on the bed greatly bewailing (torn) disherison of the said son Rich she (torn) (rest torn and impossible)