Chancery Depositions (C3/242/4 Roger Harlakenden v Jn Bowser)

29.4.1594 (Monday 29 April 1594)

document 15600306

reply of Roger Harlakenden esq to Jn Bowser's answer says that the bill of complaint is true and sufficient in the law and he will prove everything in it Jn Bowser intending to challenge more lands than belong to him by right in colour of having deeds and evidences he took from Harlakenden's house as mentioned in the bill Bowser immediately after the search found many deeds etc concerning the manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory and tenements and he took these away contrary to the trust reposed in him then he entered on the Gawle and pretended title to it as in the bill without that the said parcel and divers other parcels now in the possession of Harlakenden do belong to the manor of Sherives or that Rich Bowser father of Jn in his lifetime released the revenues and profits of the Gawle and devised the same to sundry persons from year to year or at will or in the manner as Jn suggested in his answer without that Harlakenden was farmer and occupier of the Gawle by demise from Rich Bowser at will or from year to year or since the death of Rich paid rent to Jn Bowser as is suggested in the answer without that in the purchase between him and the earl of Oxford he did not use plain dealing with the earl or that Bowser was seised of the said premises in his demesne as of fee as is suggested untruly in the answer without that the said parcel is lawfully descended to Jn Bowser or that Harlakenden by the delivery of the evidence to Bowser has discovered himself to be a man of small trust or of large conscience little regarding the truth and faith he ought to bear the earl as is suggested scandalously in the answer without that any other matter or thing mentioned in the answer to be replied to and not sufficiently replied unto denied traversed or confessed and avoided is true Harlakenden will always be ready to prove everything as the court shall award