Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/30/102 Wm Siday v Toby Cressener and Susan Church)

23.4.1624# (Friday 23 April 1624)

document 16400579

Toby Cressener gentleman says that concerning the promises that were supposed to have been made by Jn Church his father in law to Siday he never knew of any of them eight years ago he took to wife Jane one of Jn Church's daughters and Jn promised them 200li 100li at marriage and 100li on Jn's death at which time Siday was indebted to Jn for that sum and Jn expected to get this or 100li to give to Cressener so Jn asked Cressener to receive instead a bond of Siday to receive within six months 100li and Siday who was then in want of money asked Cressener to lend him 20li for six months and then they entered into the bond which was then 120li but Siday failed to pay and after many demands Siday paid three score and ten pounds (70li) when he doesn't remember Cressener then cancelled the bond and they entered into another bond on 18.5.17Jas1 for 52li10s and the payment of this second bond is long overdue in spite of friendly requests but after much ado he got 10li10s and he has heard that Siday is giving out that he will not pay the money so he arrested him he only desires his debt his damages and his reasonable costs for the payment of the 100li due on his marriage to Jane Jn and Barth Church made a bond for the same he doubts he will recover this because Barth has been outlawed he says he received very little from Jn Church towards his debts nor never knew Ann Bunner nor knows what has become of the estate of Jn Church denies any confederacy to get Barth Church's lands or goods or Jn Church's he says only 40li is left of Siday's debt which is due since 23.11.1623