Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/30/102 Wm Siday v Toby Cressener and Susan Church)

29.5.1624 (Saturday 29 May 1624)

document 16400508

mark Susan Church sworn Darshum Suffolk she believes that Siday married Mary Church at that time mentioned one of Jn's daughters but what promises Jn made she does not know nor whether Jn used Siday latterly in his business nor what promises Jn made or why Siday entered into bond for 240li with Toby Cressener she was ignorant of Jn's proceedings she believes that if Jn had made any promises to Siday they had long since been performed otherwise he would not have forborne suit all this time being a man given to contentions and suits in law she believes that Jn made his will in writing and divided his estate into three one part to his wife one to his son Jn and a third to Barth and Barth was his executor she doesn't know that the will was made on the advice of Barth or Toby Cressener but after Jn's death Barth administered the will and if there was anything due to Siday it was paid to him at that time for Siday has had for many years the occupation of the lands called Broadfields in Alphamstone being part of Susan's jointure from her husband Barth without paying any rent the rents amount to much more than Siday was owed by Jn Church and the lands left to her husband Barth were at Colne about twelve miles from his mansion house and Siday embezzled or purloined or some other divers goods and Barth brought home in two carts goods and chattels which were Jn Church's but she does not remember particulars Barth a year since was questioned for killing a man and fled and was outlawed Jn Church's goods being amongst his in his house in St Edmunds Bury Suffolk all were forfeited for sir Edm Bacon knight who has by grant of the king all felons goods in the franchise of St Edmunds Bury as for the rest of Jn Church's goods she does not know what has become of them at the time of her marriage with Barth she was seised of lands of the value of eight score pounds per annum (160li) and was worth to Barth 500li besides in household stuff and cattle all of which were forfeit by the outlawry and she was turned out of her estate and if there were any of Jn Church's goods owing to Siday they were of little value and there was little conscience of him to sue for them and put this poor and miserable defendant to needless expenses in the law denies any confederacy to get Jn Church's goods or that she has got by a judgement all Barth's estate