Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/289/113 Thos Eaglefield v Robt Jacob)

30.5.1674 (Saturday 30 May 1674)

document 16900033

(this document is badly torn) he believes it to be true that of blessed memory sir Jn Jacob knight then of London since deceased became bound unto Lyonel Eaglefield for 1000li with interest as in the bill and in or about june (torn) Eaglefield made his last will and made Thos Eaglefield his executor he shortly after died in the term of st hilary in 23Chas1 the testator in his lifetime obtained judgement against sir Jn Jacob upon his debt of 2000li besides 13li illegible text and directed to the sheriff an inquisition and it was found that Jacob was seised in lands etc in the parishes of Halstead Pattiswicke and Westham# in Essex of the yearly value of 152li one half of which of the value of 76li on the day of taking the inquisition the sheriff caused to be delivered to Lyonel Eaglesfield to hold it until the debt of 2000li and 13li damages should be paid this is on record in the court of common pleas in Westminster Lyonel Eaglesfield should have recovered his debt if he had received the said moiety the value of the lands being 350li as he hears he does not know why Lyonel did not receive his dues and he has verified that he was prevented either by sir Jn Jacob the father or sir Jn Jacob the son or another and he ought to have brought an action at law to recover his damages