Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/289/113 Thos Eaglefield v Robt Jacob)

30.5.1674 (Saturday 30 May 1674)

document 16900119

the defendant says that by indenture of 16.4.16Chas1 sir Jn Jacob knight dame Eliz his wife Jn Jacob then esq since baronet one of the defendants who is since dead and he Robt Jacob on the one part and the right honourable Wm lord Allington the right honourable Eliz lady Allington dame Kath Allington daughter of Eliz and sir Leonel Tallmack of Holmeington in Suffolk baronet on the other part in consideration of the marriage then about to be solemnized between Jn Jacob esq then since baronet deceased which did shortly after take place and for the and for the marriage portion of dame Kath and for a jointure to be made for her if she survived her husband it was agreed that sir Jn Jacob dame Eliz his wife Jn Jacob then esq and this defendant would by then end of next trinity term by one or more fines sur cognizance de droit come ceo etc to be duly had and levied before his majesty's justices of the court of common pleas as per usual form grant and convey unto Wm lord Allington and Eliz lady Allington amongst other things all the manor and site of the manor of Stansted alias Stansted Hall and appurtenances of Stansted Halstead Stisted Earls Colne and Colne Engaine and all the mansion or chief house of Stansted Hall with appurtenances one tenement the Great Lodge in Earls Colne with appurtenances then in the occupation of the under tenants of sir Jn Jacob Jn Jacob esq stood seised it was agreed that all the properties above mentioned should be conveyed to the Allingtons from the marriage of their daughter Kath to Jn Jacob then esq her late deceased husband to the use of him Jn Jacob for the term of his natural life and after his death go to his wife dame Kath for her life this in full recompense of her dower and thirds in trinity term 16Chas1 the above fine was levied in the court of common pleas and all the premises in it were the lands referred to in the bill of complaint the moiety of which were to be paid to the testator Lyonel Eaglefield who as this defendant is advised by his counsel in his lifetime was a stranger to the above fine but had time to bring a bill of complaint to show his title he lived seven years about after the fine and proclamation of the transfer of the lands and whether there was some private arrangement between him and sir Jn Jacob or Jn Jacob esq which might occasion his forbearance to claim he does not know if the complainant did not lodge a complaint within five years of the proclamation of the transfer neither he nor his executor had any right to claim thereafter