Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/289/113 Thos Eaglefield v Robt Jacob)

27.1.1674 (Tuesday 27 January 1674)

document 16900396

Thos Eaglefield of Bowe in Middlesex gentleman brother and executor of Lyonel Eaglesfield sometimes of (torn) lately deceased gentleman says that sir Jn Jacob of London knight also lately deceased did by bond of 20.11.15Chas1 owe Eaglesfield 2000li under condition for the payment of 1000li with interest at a certain day and now long since past and Thos Eaglefield further shows that the said sum with interest of eight percent being unpaid Lyonel in hopes of recovering it did in hilary term in 23Chas1 (torn) obtained a judgement for the said 2000li and 13li for costs of suit in the court of common pleas further shows that at the same time sir Jn Jacob was seised of lands and tenements in the counties of Cambridge Huntingdon Wiltshire Somerset Dorset Middlesex and Essex to the value of 3000li Lyonel Eaglesfield in his lifetime believed sir Jn Jacob's estate to be secure and not encumbered in any way (faded) in his lands and manors of Halsted Earls Colne Pattiswicke (torn) he received 152li with Stansted or Stansted Hall in Stansted Leet this manor of Stansted was in the occupation of Jn Jacob Robt Jacob and Jn Lewis gentleman and (torn) valued at 6li Stansted Park being then enclosed in all 3a to the manor and nearby lands in Halsted the whole and clear yearly value of 10li the messuage called the Lodge with appurtenances (faded) 140a in Halsted in the hamlet of Stansted Leet also in Jn Jacob's tenure and also Hen Heare (faded) of the value of 20li per annum and also the messuages known as Dungeons with appurtenances containing 140a in Halsted in Stansted Leet Jn Jacob's and Edw Howson of the value of 20li also a messuage Bullers Wood with appurtenances belonging to the messuage White Bullocke Wood 40a in Halsted in the parish Earls Colne tenure of Jn Jacob and Jn Barker value of 7li per annum also that parcel called Bullock Wood 12a in Halsted Jn Jacob's of the value of 1li per annum also a messuage Hodges plus appurtenances in Halsted Jn Jacob's and Jn Chaplyn's value of 6li per annum also a new messuage Marsh's Farm 50a in Earls Colne Jn Jacob's and     March 6li per annum value also an overshott water corn mill with appurtenances with millhouse 6a called Blackman's Mill in Halsted Jn Jacob's and Felix Blackman's value 4li per annum also messuage Lower Pryors plus appurtenances 40a in Halsted Jn Jacob's and Eliz French widow and Jn Harvey value 12li per annum also two messuages the Old Lodge and the Brick Kilne in Earls Colne plus appurtenances Jn Jacob's and Wm Kendall's value 20li per annum and also a new messuage not named 50a in Earls Colne Jn Jacob's and Wm Kendall (may be Wm Kendall) younger     Hunt value 8li per annum also messuage Pierce in Halsted Pattiswicke and Stansted Leet Jn Jacob's and Wm Strutte's and Ellis Samuels and Felix Blackman and Wm Burton and Edw Alliston twenty closes in all in Pierces one close called Greatefielde 22a on parcel pasture Foune Garden 3r also pasture Further Feune 3a also close Peacock Hill 6a close Home Feune 7a two pastures Broome Feilds 12a close the Hill 4a meadow and pasture Little Meade 3a piece meadow and pasture the Great Meade 7a close Appletree Feild 8a close Teare Croft 1a2r close Hopground or the Great Hopgarden 3a close Lower Tylers 7a parcel wood Lower Tylers 2a close and hopgarden Tylers Hopgarden 3r close Upper Tylers 13a parcel wood Upper Tylers Spring 6a close Butchett 7a close meadow Bushett Meade 1a2r all valued 6li close Goodall and High Layes in Halsted Pattiswicke and Stansted Leet 18a Jn Jacob's value 4li per annum one cottage and appurtenances in Halsted tenure of Wm Burton 1li per annum one wharf in Westham in the tenure of Jn Shepheard value 1li several closes in Westham in Battlefield there next Syball Poole tenure Rich Stanton 2r in Battlefeild 2r in east being part of a garden or at Syball Poole tenure Rich Stanton senior and half of another half of land in Colmans Feild tenure of Jn Pringle Arth Breame 2a in Westmarsh next Woodhouse tenure of Wm Brooke the rest of the land relates to the manor of Bretts in Upton Street says that other judgements have been brought against sir Jn Jacob viz one judgement of 1000li against Jacob by one Waddington in 1645 12000li judgement against him by Jn Hayes 1646 and eighteen thousand pounds judgement against him by one Robt Trelawney 1642 also 400li against him by one Ward 1646 and several others to Robt Jacobs brother of sir Jn Jacobs of debts because of all these claims Lyonel Eaglesfield in his life could not receive satisfaction for his claims and in 1667 sir Jn Jacob made his will and made his son sir Jn Jacob executor and shortly after died Lyonel had still not been paid his 2000li and 13li but Jacob left an estate sufficient to satisfy his debts plus more than 10000li part of which he left in specie and part in monies appointed by his majesty for payment of his debts in regard of his earnings as commissioner of customs all this came into the hands of his son and in .6.23Chas1 Lyonel Eaglesfield made his will making Thos Eaglesfield his executor who proved his will in the prerogative court of Canterbury and became due the monies due for the space of thirty four years or more but now but now sir Jn Jacob and Robt Jacob his brother confederating with Jane Waddington relict and administrator of Waddington and Hayes and Trelawney and Ward and with Jn Thacker Wm Woogan esq and dame Mary his wife and others unknown to prevent him taking his dues they keep these previous judgements on foot but in fact all of them have been long since paid or there is very little left to pay (long gap here)