Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/298/14 Hen and Abigail Abbott v Mary Clarke and Sam Ellis)

24.10.1684 (Friday 24 October 1684)

document 17000092

Hen Abbott of Great Coggeshall and his wife Abigail say that about a year ago he married the said Abigail daughter of Mary Clarke widow by Jn Parke her former husband and so he was entitled to all the goods and chattels of Abigail while she was sole and while she was sole she lived with her mother Mary Clarke and paid her 50li or 60li a year for her board at that time she took several household goods plate linen etc to her mother's which she and her husband expected to have delivered back to them she didn't take an inventory and she lent her mother several quantities of money while living with her four score pounds 80li and upwards now Mary has taken some causeless discontent against Hen and Abigail and by collaboration with one Sam Ellis who married Mary Clarke's sister and others refuses to deliver the goods or to say what they are and denies she borrowed any money she pretends that even if she did she has repaid it long since and the confederates have since in private and without Hen Abbott's consent got his wife Abigail to sign a deed whereby she says she has made a settlement on some of her half sisters and if she now has any children with Hen she will not let them enjoy any of her estate when this deed was made or who now has it the confederates will not say and moreover Hen Abbott's father being alive and having an estate to the value of 200li or 300li per annum refuses to make a settlement of this until the truth of Abigail's deed is discovered they can't discover the exact nature of the goods Abigail left in her mother's house because witnesses are either dead or in remote parts beyond the seas so they have no remedy by common law require a writ of subpoena issued against Mary Clarke and Sam Ellis