Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/298/14 Hen and Abigail Abbott v Mary Clarke and Sam Ellis)

6.11.1684 (Thursday 6 November 1684)

document 17000120

Sam Ellis says that since Hen and Abigail's marriage but when he doesn't know Abigail got Robt Townsend grocer of Coggeshall to sign and seal a deed date and contents unknown a settlement of her goods on some of her sisters of the half blood in case she has no children of her own but if they have children the children shall be debarred he does not know but he thinks not as this would be null and void in law he denies that the deed was by his instigation but he was called in as a witness and he did this Robt Townsend and Solomon Stebbing also witnesses and he refers to them he thinks that the deed is in the hands of Jn Goodwin of Gestingthorpe a clerk he doesn't know if Hen Abbott consented to the deed