Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/298/14 Hen and Abigail Abbott v Mary Clarke and Sam Ellis)

16.1.36Chas2 (Friday 16 January 1685)

document 17000166

Mary Clarke widow sworn at Kersey in Suffolk her daughter intermarried with Abbott about a year since and before that lived with her was provided food and lodging but denies she got 50li or 60li for her board she says that she paid nothing nor did she leave any goods at her house except six leather chairs of 10s one piece of hanging for a room of drugget stuff of value 20s which she said she had given Mary also one silver porringer with some clothes and linen which she handed over and one pair of silk stockings of value 8s one old crepe mantle# value 6s she denies she refused to give the stockings and mantle# and denies they were requested she would have given if they had been asked for she denies she owed any money unless 1s or 6d at a time never as much as 20s and she repaid Abigail gave her a general release from demands and debts .9.1683 as by a deed 6.9.1683 which she will produce she knows of no deed made by Abigail since her marriage and denies she directed her to do so but she has heard that Abigail made a deed since her marriage whereby she gave her copyhold lands in trust if she should die and leave no children to the four daughters of Mary Clarke Abigail's half sisters she has heard that the deed is in the hands of Jn Wooding (sic) of Gestingforth clerk and doesn't know if Hen knows of the deed but has been informed that he does she doesn't think Abigail made any deed denying her estate to her children if she had any as the complainants claim she exhibits a former bill against her in which she has explained herself and does not know why a second bill of complaint has been brought denies the custody of any goods of Abigail's