Chancery Depositions (PRO C8/298/15 Abbott v Clarke case)

16.1.36Chas2 (Friday 16 January 1685)

document 17000236

answers of Geo Brook yeoman one of the defendants in the bill of complaint of Hen Abbott and wife Abigail he says he does not know of his own knowledge but he believes that the complainant Hen Abbott in right of his wife was seised of divers messuages and lands tenements and hereditaments in Suffolk and Essex and he the defendant says that he having made some acquaintance with the other defendant Mary Clarke and with the complainant Abigail her daughter they did inform him that there was a treaty of marriage between the complainants and this defendant at their request and in friendship to the complainant Abigail and the defendant Mary did take an opportunity to discourse with Hen Abbott the elder father of the complainant Hen concerning the settling some estate in jointure upon the complainant in consideration of their intermarriage and of the estate and lands wherewith the complainant Abigail was seised but the defendant did find that Hen Abbott the father insisted upon it to have the estate of the complainant Abigail to be absolutely settled upon the complainant Hen and his heirs in case she should bear no children or otherwise he would not settle or yield anything upon the complainant Abigail but this defendant did also find by the discourse of the complainant Abigail that she had a resolution to have the lands and tenements as well freehold as copyhold so settled that she might be at liberty to dispose of them after she should be married and seemed to be desirous that it case she should have no children that her estate should come to her four sisters daughters of Mary Clark by her late husband Peregrine Clark gentleman and this defendant believes that she did request the assistance of the other defendant Simon Dove gentleman and likewise took the advice of counsel for the settling of her estate to such purpose that this defendant believes that divers deeds writings and surrenders were executed by the complainant Abigail of her estate accordingly of which this defendant being informed did acquaint the complainant Hen Abbott with the deeds and surrenders and the defendant says he does not know in whose custody the writings deeds or surrenders or any of them have been kept since the marriage but the complainant Abigail did show them to him sometime before her marriage he denies that he persuaded the complainant Abigail to make the writings or any of them or use any pretences whatsoever to obtain her to do it but he believes the same was done of her own inclination and desire and he denies all manner of combination and confederacy with which in the bill he is charged and knoweth nothing of the box of writings mentioned in the bill or of the concealment of any deeds or writings and is altogether stranger unto and no ways materially concerned in any of the matters or things in the bill contained and set forth nor did otherwise meddle therein than as is herein mentioned without that any other matter or thing etc asks to be dismissed with costs Geo Brook