Chancery Depositions (PRO C22/406/21 depositions: Edw earl of Oxford v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

1594# (date illegible) (1594)

document 17400360

five item whether do you know or have you credibly heard that before the said Colne Priory lands tenements and hereditaments mentioned in the bill of complaint of the said earl (torn) sale by the said defendant Roger Harlakenden and the said priory manor mentioned in the said bill or many of them together with divers other manors (torn) are parcel of the possessions of the said earl were extended for divers great sums of (torn) bonds statutes debts and encumbrances of the said earl and whether upon the said (torn) were divers persons threatened by some such as pretended the benefit of the said earl (torn) lands and tenements as they had formerly purchased or held by lease of the said earl unless they would compound anew for the same and whether did any person or persons (torn) what were they