Chancery Depositions (PRO C22/406/21 depositions: Edw earl of Oxford v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

1594# (date illegible) (1594)

document 17400474

to the sixth he saith that by the commandment of Roger Harlakenden defendant (torn) to sundry persons that the purpose of the earl was to sell the land (torn) and to his remembrance he made (torn) Barwick Hall to (torn) of a portion of tithes belonging to the priory to one mr Finch (torn) of certain lands in the occupation and that the said Harlakenden (torn) the lands that he was a farmer of being parcel of the priory (torn) that he liked of and that to his remembrance he offered (torn) that he held and that the general answer of them (torn) with the said lands because they were holden in capite (torn) deponent's refusal also