Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/239/46 depositions: Edw earl of Oxford v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

6.5.36Eliz1 (Monday 6 May 1594)

document 17401440

to the third interrogatory he this deponent saith that about two years past it was reported that the said defendant Roger Harlakenden paid for the lands and hereditaments parcel of the said late priory in his son's name which he bought of the said earl the sum of 700li but what in illegible text he had this deponent knoweth not for that he was not any way a dealer therein and further this deponent thinketh it were very hard for him or any other to know the certainty for that the defendant Roger which was the purchaser from the said earl as aforesaid as may appear by his several answers in this honourable court doth not himself certainly know but this deponent thinketh verily in his conscience that if the said defendant had meant illegible text towards the said earl that the sum of money which he did pay should have been put into the indenture of bargain and sale