Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/244 pt 2 depositions: Geo Harlakenden v Thos Joscelin)

6.2.37Eliz1 (Thursday 6 February 1595)

document 17500270

five that he hath divers times heard his late wife and others also report that in her widowhood she conveyed to her brother in law mr Thos Kelton and to his sister mrs Jane Kelton the third part of the goods and chattels which were her late husband's as he taketh it and thus much he hath heard by mr Joscelin's reports also that by virtue of this grant mr Thos Kelton and his said sister have divers times claimed and do now claim the third part of the presentation aforesaid but whether the three parts of that presentation do pass by that grant or no he knoweth not that the said Jane this deponent's late wife did in her lifetime make claim to the said advowson as to her own goods viz unto two parts thereof allowing the third part thereof to pass by virtue of the said grant made as is aforesaid to mr Thos Kelton and his sister and claimed also two parts in her lease and allowed a third part thereof to pass by the said grant and she enjoyed used and occupied her said lease of Colne Priory and some other of her goods now standing there was assigned over to mr Gates in trust and as for the presentation she had no use for that till the time came of presentment and more he saith not to this interrogatory (all these answers have been crossed through)