Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/244 pt 2 depositions: Geo Harlakenden v Thos Joscelin)

27.2.37Eliz1 (Thursday 27 February 1595)

document 17500494

six that he cannot say anything more to this or any other of these articles saving that he well knoweth that mr Harlakenden did enjoy the said lease of Colne Priory after marriage with his wife and was of all men accounted the proper owner thereof for anything this deponent knoweth or hath heard to the contrary and he well knoweth that he did set it dispose of it and every way deal with it and use it as men do by their own and this he knoweth the better for that the lord of Oxford being the owner of the inheritance of the same this deponent was steward both of that and other things the said earl had thereabouts and also he dwelt then and dwelleth now within two or three miles of the same Jn Tanner