Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/273 pt 2 depositions: Robt Partridge and wife v Jn Stephens)

1599 (1599)

document 17500766

three item whether do you know of any bargain and sale or of any conveyance or estate made or executed to the said Jeff Cuckoe in his lifetime and to the said Rose one of the now complainants then wife of the said Jeff or of any other estate executed or delivered by the said Wordesworth of the premises or any part thereof and if you do then whether was the same conveyance or execution of estate of and in the premises made or done by deed or writing or without any writing and to whom was it delivered and to what or whose use was the same estate of the premises so had and executed and when and where was the same done and who were then and there present or called as witnesses and how know you this to be true