Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/273 pt 2 depositions: Robt Partridge and wife v Jn Stephens)

29.11.42Eliz1 (Thursday 29 November 1599)

document 17500895

four that he knoweth not of his own knowledge but well remembreth that he hath heard the said Wordsworth say and acknowledge in the hearing of him this deponent and one Wm Adams vicar of Earls Colne who was then likewise present as this deponent remembreth and at the house of the said Robt Partridge that he the said Wordsworth had made and executed by his deed in writing an estate of and in the said premises to the said Jeff and the said Rose and to the heirs of the said Rose and that the said estate as the said Wordsworth then said was executed as aforesaid upon the same day that one Pollard was married and saith that the said Wordsworth at the same time willed and advised the said Rose to call the matter in question whilst the witnesses thereof were alive