Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/273 pt 2 depositions: Robt Partridge and wife v Jn Stephens)

29.11.42Eliz1 (Thursday 29 November 1599)

document 17500934

six that the said Wordsworth after that he had acknowledged the making and executing of the state aforesaid to the said Jeff and Rose and her heirs as he this deponent hath more at large deposed in his answer to the fourth precedent article did further confess and acknowledge being then and there demanded the same by the said Rose that he the said Wordsworth did afterwards by his deed in writing sealed and delivered make and convey an estate of the said premises to the said Jeff and Rose and the heirs of the said Jeff and to the use of the said Jeff and Rose and his heirs and that thereupon he did levy a fine accordingly for that as he then said he was bound by a bond to the said Jeff to enable such further assurance thereupon as he the said Jeff should reasonably require or words to like effect and further to that article he cannot depose nor more etc Simon Ive