Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/277 part 1 piece 35 depositions: Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden etc)

26.4.42Eliz1 (Saturday 26 April 1600)

document 17600157

two that he knoweth not but hath heard speech but whether from mr Amyce articulate or from else he remembreth not certainly but thinketh it was from mr Amyce himself that he the said mr Amyce speaking of the said book should or did use these or the like words viz I pray god my lord of Leicester hath not gotten it and burnt it because of my lord's title to the stewardship of the forest and this deponent further saith that he could wish for the plaintiff's better satisfaction and for the finding out of the said book that one mrs Gouldynge late wife of Geo Gouldynge esq the plaintiff's late auditor were caused to search her studies where her said late husband's books and writings are kept for the said black book and also that Jn Mynars sometimes his lordship's solicitor for his law causes were examined touching the said book and further to that interrogatory he cannot depose anything materially