Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/277 part 1 piece 35 depositions: Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden etc)

15.2.42Eliz1 (Friday 15 February 1600)

document 17600299

five that to his knowledge he hath not any ledger book or books belonging to the late priory called Colne Priory other than such as he hath lawfully conveyed unto him as he thinketh it by virtue of certain purchases made by this deponent of the said complainant or such as this deponent was by a special warrant from the said complainant to deliver over to the late lord treasurer of England and other purchasers of some of the said complainant's lands somewhere of this deponent did deliver over according to the said warrant and some others he retained in his keeping for by appointment of the said late lord treasurer for his use and more to that article he cannot certainly depose than he hath already deposed in his said answer whereunto he refereth himself