Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/280 piece 41 Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden)

3.2.45Eliz1 (Thursday 3 February 1603)

document 17600551

for Oxford Dan Sidey of Bures St Mary in the county of Essex gentleman of the age of 52yrs or more sworn etc saith that he doth hold at the will of the complainant a portion of tithes late parcel as it is said of the late dissolved priory of Colne in the same county of Essex and saith the same portion doth lie in Mount Bures in the aforesaid county and nowhere else to this deponent's knowledge but out of what lands in Mount Bures the same portion of tithes doth arise and is issuing he cannot of his own certain knowledge depose but taketh it the same portion or part of it doth arise out of a certain field called Fenfield and out of one parcel of land of one Scott and out of one other parcel or parcels of land called by the name of Mulch Croft as he taketh it and this deponent further saith that he did pay unto the defendant 9s rent for the said portion for one or two years he certainly remembreth not whether and the like rent this deponent's father who held the same portion of tithes before did usually pay for the same at the first unto the complainant and afterwards upon the sale of the said priory unto the defendant who then demanded the same rent from this deponent's father and more etc Dan Sidey taken before me Leo Robertson in absentia mr Nicholson