Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/280 piece 41 Edw de Vere v Roger Harlakenden)

3.2.45Eliz1 (Thursday 3 February 1603)

document 17600522

Thos Frenche of Halstead Essex gentleman of the age of 38yrs and upwards sworn etc saith that he this deponent doth hold and farm a portion of tithes late parcel of the late dissolved priory of Colne in the said county of Essex as he taketh it which portion of tithes amongst other things was first granted by lease for years from the complainant unto one Fynner the complainant's then servant and from him conveyed over to one Jn Holmested gentleman this deponent's father in law and so from him unto this deponent and this deponent further saith that he knoweth not of his own knowledge but hath heard that the same portion of tithes doth lie in the hamlet or leet of Stansted in the parish of Halstead but what and how much of that portion is or out of what lands there the same portion doth or should arise and be issuing he knoweth not neither doth he know what person or persons do occupy the same lands or of which the said portion of tithes should issue nor can tell what to think thereof for that this deponent hath made great enquiry to know the same but could never learn the certainty thereof and this deponent also saith that there is 40s a year rent reserved upon the said lease for the said portion of tithes and this deponent by virtue thereof hath paid for the said portion of tithes unto the defendant in all the sum of 8li rent and he also saith that he taketh it he hath a year or two or more to come in the said lease assigned by the said Fynner as aforesaid but the certainty thereof he doth not remember for that he hath not for long time seen and perused the same assignment of lease and therefore refereth himself to the said assignment itself which he is ready to show and more etc Thos Frenche