Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/275 piece 77 Edw de Vere v Roger and Rich Harlakenden)

29.11.42Eliz1 (Thursday 29 November 1599)

document 17601022

six that he cannot depose anything either of his own certain knowledge or of credible report touching any bribes being given by the defendants or either of them to conceal their knowledge touching any promise of reassuring of the said manor and parsonage of Colne Priory as is supposed in this interrogatory but saith that he hath heard one Jas Pennock say that while he was the said Roger Harlakenden's man his master gave a piece of money to one mr Felton that was toward the said earl but how much this deponent now remembreth not as a bribe to conceal his knowledge of the value of the said manor and parsonage to the end that the said Roger Harlakenden might the better compass his bargain or words to that effect and saith further that he hath heard the said Robt Crowe report and say that he heard Rich Harlakenden one of the defendants say that both the said Felton and one Hampton sometimes another of the said earl's servants had received divers sums of money for bribes and would not be satisfied but answered still that if they might not have more money they would reveal their knowledge which knowledge whether it concerned the value of the said lands or the said promise of reassurance or both this deponent neither knoweth nor could certainly understand Robt Partridge