Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/294 pt 2 piece 2 Jn Aylmer v Roger Harlakenden)

19.2.44Eliz1 (Friday 19 February 1602)

document 17601254

two that he well knoweth and remembreth that one Toughtwood of whom the article maketh mention did by his deed in writing assign and set over all his interest and term of years then to come of and in two parcels of land called Bunners and Bettingsland unto the complainant Jn Aylmer for that he this deponent did engross the said deed of assignment with his own hand when he was clerk and servant unto mr Tanner of Cliffords Inn and did subscribe his name as a witness to the said sealing and delivery of the said deed of assignment and he saith that the parchment writing bearing date 4.2.28Eliz1 and now showed unto this deponent at the time of this his examination is the very same deed of assignment before mentioned and he also saith that the same assignment was made at the said mr Tanner's chamber in Cliffords Inn as he remembreth and much about the time it beareth date as he verily thinketh and he further saith that the said deed of assignment was granted by the said Toughtwood unto the said Aylmer for and in consideration of 20li or thereabouts as he verily thinketh and under such payments covenants and agreements as the said Toughtwood was to pay and perform by virtue of his indenture of lease of the premises which he took from the right honourable the now earl of Oxford as by the said indenture of lease and by the said deed of assignment whereunto he refereth himself it may more plainly appear and more etc by me Phil Cock taken before me Leonard Robertson in absentia mr Nicholson