Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/297 part 2 no 80 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

13.2.1623 (Thursday 13 February 1623)

document 17700911

fourteen he doth know of 5li lately given by the complainant Rose unto her said son Jeff and of other money which she gave in putting him forth to be an apprentice and this deponent knoweth that the said Rose gave money also unto her son Robt Cuckoe to put him out apprentice but how much this deponent saith he knoweth not but saith that as well they the said Jeff and Robt as the residue of the children of the said complainant Rose by her said husband Jeff Cuckoe have been sundry ways troublesome and chargeable unto her by reason of their untowardly carriage of themselves the particulars whereof for that the said complainant Rose is a very honest gentlewoman and they being her children this deponent is not willing to set forth upon record least thereby the said mother might peradventure be hereafter further grieved thereat or the said children blemished or disgraced and so under reformation forbeareth any further to depose in that behalf or to any other purpose than as herein and in his answer unto the eleventh interrogatory precedent he hath deposed and more etc