Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/297 part 2 no 80 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

22.5.1623 (Thursday 22 May 1623)

document 17701448

fourteen that the complainant Rose like a good loving and careful mother did place out Francis Cuckoe as this deponent remembreth his name being one of the sons of her the said Rose by her husband Cuckoe and the said Rose gave with the said Francis Cuckoe unto his master with whom she bound him apprentice for seven or eight years the sum of 4li or 5li as this deponent now remembreth and had otherwise a motherly care of the said Francis and a great desire that he should have done well for first she made choice of a good trade for him namely a tanner secondly of a good master an honest sufficient man that was well able to keep and bring up the said Francis and to teach him his trade whereby to live afterwards in any part of the kingdom and thirdly she gave money for and towards the placing out of the said Francis as before was deposed and did set him forth like a good mans children and after such time as the said Francis was so placed it is true that the said complainant Rose was very desirous to see him thrive and prosper but the said Francis being of an ill disposition did cross her expectations exceedingly not only by showing himself disobedient to his said master exceeding negligent and careless of his master's business and did often run away from his said master which much grieved the said Rose and besides the said Francis was not true but light fingered and given to pilfering and picking his fellow apprentices pockets and filching away their monies for which he was questioned by his said master and upon hope of amendment favoured until at the last after some part of his apprenticeship was run out he had committed the same fault of pilfering and purloining of money from the said other apprentices of his said master and fearing as it seemed he should be questioned and punished for the same did run away quite from his said master and was not heard of for a good space by reason whereof the said Rose his mother conceived much grief and sorrow and earnestly urged the master of the said Francis to seek out her said child saying that unto his hands she delivered him and at his hands she would require him or to that effect whereupon the said master to pacify the said Rose did promise to do his best to bring him home again and at length did understand that the said Francis was living rogued and wandered up and down the country not taking any good courses which was also a heavy cross and great grief of mind unto her the said Rose his mother as she said and what became of the said Francis in the end this deponent saith he certainly knoweth not but hath heard that he fell diseased and died miserably and this this deponent saith is all that he can materially depose for satisfying the contents of this interrogatory and more etc Josias Firmin