Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/297 part 2 no 80 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

13.6.1623 (Friday 13 June 1623)

document 17701688

four that he this deponent is the same Hen Abbott that is named in this interrogatory and saith that there was heretofore a trial had before the king's majesties judges of the court of common pleas at Westminster in Westminster Hall in a suit that then depended between the now defendant Rich Harlakenden plaintiff and this deponent defendant which said trial was about six or seven years agone and was for and about an oak cut down by the defendant Harlakenden or his assigns by his appointment upon this deponent's copyhold said by his witnesses to contain about ten or eleven feet of timber the question or difference then being whether the said defendant Harlakenden might as being lord of the manor aforesaid cut down the said oak or no and to have proved that the said defendant Harlakenden might so do as lord of the said manor he caused the court rolls of the said manor to be produced of intent to have been given in evidence in his part against this deponent and the said court rolls so being produced and delivered unto the right honourable sir Hen Hobart knight then sitting as judge at the said trial he viewed and perused them and when he had considered of them he cast them away and said that the said rolls were nought and nothing worth utterly disallowing of them