Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

23.9.1623 (Tuesday 23 September 1623)

document 17900645

six he hath many times heard the said defendant Rose when she so sojourned at and in the house of the said Ralph Lunt confess that she was far indebted unto the said Ralph for her own diet and lodging for many years and likewise for the diet and lodging of the said Robt Partridge her son and for the service and attendance of the said Ralph unto and upon her the said Rose and in and about her business and affairs and this deponent saith he hath likewise heard the said defendant Rose many times protest and promise unto the said Ralph Lunt that she would recompense and satisfy him to the full for all his cost and charges bestowed upon and about her and hers and for all his pains and travail for her in her suits and business the words of the said Rose in that behalf used being this or like effect viz " well Ralph I will make thee amend for all one day thou shalt not loose a penny by me if I live " with divers other suchlike speeches but this deponent saith he never heard the said Rose promise any particular sums of money unto the said Ralph Lunt for or in respect of the premises