Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

23.9.1623 (Tuesday 23 September 1623)

document 17900883

six that the said defendant Rose in and during the time of her said sojourning at and in the house of the said Ralph Lunt and upon his costs and charges as aforesaid hath many times in the presence and hearing of this deponent acknowledged herself to be indebted unto the said Ralph Lunt for her diet and lodging and for his pains and travail sustained for her in and about her business and in this deponent's presence and hearing the said Rose hath many times said unto the said Ralph Lunt to this or like effect viz " well Ralph there will a time come I hope when I shall be able to make thee amends for all thy charges and pains and I protest to god I will make a full recompense and satisfaction for all one day assure thyself thou shall not loose one penny by me if I live " but this deponent saith he remembreth not that he hath at any time heard the said Rose name or express any certain sum of money that she would give him in recompense and satisfaction for the premises and further this deponent saith he doth take it to be about a dozen years since he heard the said defendant Rose last make such acknowledgement promise and protestation