Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/500 piece 48 depositions: Lunt v Rosse)

1.10.1623 (Wednesday 1 October 1623)

document 17902343

seven that in michaelmas term now last past he the said deponent at the request of the said Ralph Lunt did resort unto the said defendant Rose then being here in London and did charge her to be indebted unto him the said Ralph Lunt for divers years diet and lodging for herself and her said son Robt Partridge and others her followers and wished her to give the said Ralph satisfaction for the same whereunto the said Rose answering and acknowledging the matter said it might there have been spared and moved unto her some other time and in some other place and this deponent did thereupon conceive that the said Rose so answered because the said Edw Rosse her now husband was there present he being then a suitor unto her in way of marriage and she as it seemed was not willing that he should have known thereof and this deponent further saith that the said Rose in excuse of herself before the said Edw Rosse did say that she did not owe the said Ralph Lunt altogether for fourteen years lodgings and diet for herself or for the lodging and diet of her son and her followers for quoth she " they have had of me a pot of butter a cheese a warming pan and either a pillowbere or a diaper napkin in part of recompense " or to that effect