Chancery Depositions (PRO C21 R.25/10 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

7.4.1623 (Monday 7 April 1623)

document 18001829

to the third interrogatory this deponent saith that he heard the said complainant Rose say that she would not give her children above 12d apiece and that should be to keep them from having anything in her estate and further he saith that at a time one of the daughters of the said complainant Rose whose name was Rose Cuckoe coming to Earls Colne church at such time as one mr Bridge who formerly had been her mother's servant was married the same day said " god give you joy " who answered her that he did not know her who answered " why rogue doest not thou know me my mother hath set thee awork divers times to tie me to a post and whip me with a cart whip " further saith that the said Rose the daughter was in trouble upon suspicion of some misdemeanour who then sent unto her said mother for relief the which she refused to give and to the rest of the interrogatory he is not examined