Chancery Depositions (PRO C21 R.25/10 depositions: Rosse v Harlakenden)

7.4.1623 (Monday 7 April 1623)

document 18002137

to the third interrogatory he saith that he knew divers of the children of the said complainant Rose by her husband Cuckoe and he saith that two of the said children lay about in the streets at men's doors for victuals and were neglected by the said Rose and he knoweth that Jn Cuckoe her eldest son was neglected by his mother unnaturally used by her and put to shift for himself as he could and this deponent further saith that he was in the said complainant Rose her house about twenty seven years since when he saw the said Rose the complainant whip the said Rose her daughter with a long whip very unmercifully and cause her said daughter to run into a pond where she might have been drowned if she had not had present help by one Wm Bridge then present and the said Bridge telling the said Rose the plaintiff her daughter had been drowned but for him the said plaintiff Rose answered she had not cared if she had been drowned and the said deponent saith that he and the said complainant Rose have been dwelling in the said town of Earls Colne for the space of thirty years and more as this deponent thinketh and he knoweth of himself and by the general report of the neighbours there that the said Rose the complainant hath been always very unkind and unnatural to all her children