Chancery Depositions (PRO C22/84/16 depositions: Jn Hunwick v Thos Clark)

5.9.14Chas2 (Friday 5 September 1662)

document 18100584

to the sixth eighth ninth and tenth eleventh and twelfth interrogatories this deponent saith that the (torn) in question as he doth believe were at the time of the said mortgage worth about 14li per annum and that the same is now worth about 14li per annum and that they were (torn) but he cannot tell what the wood was worth that the said Stokes was possessed of the land in question and doth believe did leave the same to his son but illegible text hand to hand he knoweth not nor who did receive the profits since that at the time of the mortgage and now the said lands are worth about illegible text quantity of acres are he knoweth not that he did know Simon illegible text in the bill named that he was never conscious or was acquainted with the said Simon Ives making of any illegible text or deed concerning the premises that he hath heard it reported the said Jn Hunwick (torn) the father did go into Ireland and live there but when he went and how long he stayed (torn) nor to what place he knoweth not but doth claim the reason he absented himself was his great debt the premises being thus engaged to illegible text 180li upon bonds besides that Jn Hunwick the elder was illegible text before his death and not able to redeem the said mortgage of the lands in question that (torn) it is the complainant was also very poor and did by reason of his debts and for debts of his said father's for which he stood engaged absented himself from his house but was (torn) free of this deponent from his creditors long before his father's death though (torn) complainant is reduced to a mean condition again