Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/95 'A' book)

7.11.1597 michaelmas term (Monday 7 November 1597)

document 18200215

Roger Harlakenden plaintiff against Sam Cockerell defendant forasmuch as this court was this present day informed on the defendant's part that he is now content to deliver unto this court all such evidence and writings which by a subpoena ducens termn# awarded against him were appointed to be brought into this court and because it is also informed that these same evidence and writings or some of them do appertain to the right honourable Edw earl of Oxon and concern others also it is ordered that the defendant shall forthwith deliver unto this court all the same evidence and writings upon his oath and then all the same evidence and writings shall be close sealed up and not be seen by any person without the special order of the lord keeper and shall remain in this courts safe keeping until the lord keeper shall hereafter take out a special order for the disposing thereof and the defendant shall be discharged against the plaintiff and all others for and concerning all such of the same evidence and writings as he shall deliver unto this court as aforesaid