Chancery Decrees and Orders (PRO C33/87)

15.5.1594 (Wednesday 15 May 1594)

document 18200451

Roger Harlakenden plaintiff against Bowser defendant forasmuch as the right honourable the lord keeper of the great seal of England was this present day informed by mr Hubard the plaintiff's attorney that the defendant having by an order procured the last day of this last term stayed an injunction which according to another former order was then ready to have passed the seal for stay of the defendant's proceedings at the common law and the defendant being in respect the said injunction was so stayed ordered to stay the taking out of an execution at the common law and the defendant hath hitherunto kept the order taken the last day of the last term unentered and hath since the granting of the order caused the execution being taken out to be delivered to the sheriff contrary to the meaning of the said last order and is therefore ordered by his lordship that the said injunction shall presently pass according to the said first order