Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/K12/32 Thos Kelton v Jn Aylemore)

26.4.1583 (Friday 26 April 1583)

document 18900145

replication of Thos Kelton gentleman to answer of Jn Aylmore defendant says that his bill of complaint and the matters therein are certain true and sufficient in law etc and he does and will aver and maintain all and every matter and thing in his bill to be just and true in sort manner and form as in the same is expressed and the defendant is guilty of the offence mentioned in the bill and moreover says the answer of the defendant is uncertain etc without that the defendant long before the complainant and Jane his sister had anything in the premises mentioned in the bill had a good and lawful interest in the meadow called Kimborne and the parcel of pasture called Dagonhall by the lawful demise and lease of Rich Kelton being the lawful owner of the meadow and pasture by a lawful lease yet enduring as in the answer of the defendant is untruly alleged and without that the defendant did quietly after the decease of Rich hold and continue the possession of the premises until Thos Kelton the complainant did in cruel and outrageous manner disturb the quiet possession of the defendant and did violently with his dagger assault the defendant and break the peace as in the answer of the defendant is untruly furnished and alleged and without any other matter or thing etc