Star Chamber (PRO STAC5/H31/15 Harlakenden v Ives)

29.1.34Eliz1 (Saturday 29 January 1592)

document 19001419

to the third he says that Robt Ive his father Finnett Ive his wife and this examinant's mother and he this examinant upon the said day mentioned did upon parcel of the 380a of land in Colne Park upon their own wills and motions and not upon procurement as is supposed stop Read and his workmen and not allow them to pass through the gate as before mentioned but he and his mother and father did demean themselves in this manner that is to say that they would not permit or suffer them or any of them to pass through the gate until they were otherwise persuaded at the request of mr Wordsworth servant of mr Xoph Hatton etc and this examinant further says that there were no other person or persons on the part of his father and mother and himself and Eliachim Ive his brother was then in the same field not far off at the same time from the said gate