Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/289/30 Eliz and Francis Veer v Rich Harlakenden)

29.11.4Jas1 (Saturday 29 November 1606)

document 19204908

to the second he says he did not remember that Sam Diglett the younger or Jn Diglett did report to him that Edes had such a lease as above and that either or one of them had been with Edes to take counsel thereupon or that it was esteemed by counsel to be a good lease or any words to the effect but says that Edes himself told Harlakenden that he had such a lease and had carried it to counsel who thought it to be a good lease and Harlakenden said that if the witnesses named thereto would upon oath testify the seals and delivery thereof Edes should then enjoy the lease or words to that effect