Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/16/56 Simon Tryndell v Hen Sheldon and Wm Ackland)

1548# (no date) (1548)

document 19300344

the said Simon Tryndall for replication saith as he in his said bill of complaint hath said and further saith and answereth all and every thing and things mentioned in his said bill of complaint to be good and true without that the said defendant is seised of the moiety of the premises mentioned in the said bill in the right of Alice his wife or that sir Wm Tyler knight and Wm Tilekill gentleman by lawful conveyance in the law were seised to them and their heirs of all the premises mentioned in the said bill to the use of the said Jn Compton and of his heirs or that the said Jn Compton so being seised of the use afore the statute made for the extinguishment of the uses for the sum of 260li bargained and sold all the premises or lawfully might bargain and sell the same to Rich Ratclyff gentleman and his heirs or that the said Rich Ratclyff was lawfully seised of the premises in his demesne as of fee or died thereof seised or that by his death the premises descended or lawfully might descend to the said Margt and Alice his coheirs and heirs of the said Rich Ratclyff or that they might be lawfully seised of the premises in fee simple to their own uses for this complainant saith that if the said sir Wm Tyler and Wm Tilekell had anything in the premises it was to the only use of the said Robt Robinson mentioned in the said bill to and for the performance of his last will and testament by the which the said Jn Compton and his wife should have the premises for the term of their lives the remainder thereof after their decease to this complainant and to his wife in manner and form as in the said bill of complaint is alleged with that this complainant will aver and the said Rich Ratclyff mentioned in the said answer had knowledge of the feoffment made by the said Robinson and also of the uses declared in his will by reason whereof as well the said Margt and Alice Ratclyff as the said Rich the father were seised of the premises to the only use expressed in the said will if they had anything in the premises by reason of any conveyance had or made from Rich Ratclyff as to the knowledge of this complainant they had none and for as much as this complainant was in possession by the order of this honourable court by virtue of one injunction directed to this defendant Wm Acland and all other their deputies tenants servants and occupiers of the premises and every part thereof bearing date 22.11.last until 4.12.last at which time upon promise made by sir Clem Smith knight that the said Hen Sheldon and Wm Acland and either of them should personally appear at Westminster in this honourable court in the term of hilary then next following to answer as well to the contempt alleged against them and to pay all such costs as this court shall award the said injunction was dissolved conditionally that if the defendant did not appear and make answer as above is said that then this injunction to stand in his force and every behoof and the complainant to remain in his possession until the matter were determined between them as for so much also as the said Wm Acland hath not appeared and made his answer according to the purport of the said injunction this complainant prayeth that he may be restored to the possession of the premises according to the said order and without that any other thing material or effectual in the said answer contained and not in this said replication sufficiently replied unto confessed avoided traversed or denied is true all which matter the said complainant is ready to aver etc