Court of Requests (PRO REQ2/16/56 Simon Tryndell v Hen Sheldon and Wm Ackland)

25.1.3Edw6 (Saturday 25 January 1550)

document 19300446

Jn Denman of Lankey in the county of Devon husbandman of the age of 40years and above sworn and examined to the first second third and fourth interrogatory can say nothing to the fifth sixth and seventh interrogatories he saith that he and one Wm More of Lenge within 3days last before this examination were at a place called Wynbourne Minster in Dorsetshire and there saw one Margt the daughter of Jn Compton named in the said interrogatories which Margt is now married to one Wm Gray by whom she had two children dead and she now is great with child again and the same Margt Gray and divers other persons of Wynbourne Minster which knew both the said Jn Compton and his children said unto this defendant and to the said Wm More that one Jn Compton the younger son of the beforenamed Jn Compton is living and was at Wynbourne Minster with the said Margt since all hallowtide last and is of the age of 17years or thereabouts and the said Margt is about the age of 36years and Margt and her neighbours say that the said Jn Compton had one elder son called Robt and a younger daughter called Joan which are both dead without issue and more he knoweth not